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This community is where all of the articles and fanworks specifically featured in clamp_info the CLAMP Fandom Newsletter are kept. You must be a member of the community to view the articles and other fanworks, but please do not friend this community, as your f-list will become cluttered with individual posts. Instead, please join and friend clamp_info for regular updates on new articles, fanworks, and general goings-on in the fandom.


- Anyone may write and submit an article to the newsletter.

- There are no limits on what or how much you write, as long as it is CLAMP-centric and does not violate the LiveJournal TOS.

- Articles should be submitted here.

- Once the newsletter staff have approved your article you will be granted posting access and may post your article in this community. You may f-lock your entry if you wish but it is not mandatory, and do not post your article directly to clamp_info.

- Your article will then be linked to in the next issue of the newsletter.